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At SMBSC, we promote “It Pays to Stay!”  We recognize the important role compensation and benefits play for our employees, and our commitment is to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Our employee paychecks reflect more than just earnings; rather, the hours and pay reflect time spent working to achieve operational excellence.  To attract and retain an agile and competitive workforce, SMBSC conducts position benchmarking regularly, ensuring our compensation represents the work our employees do.

The following represents pay related to factory positions:

Annual Attendance Incentive:

An annual attendance incentive is available for factory employees based on the total number of non-paid hours employees have. Employees receive their hourly rate multiplied by a set number of hours based on the employee’s position and status with the Company.

Vacation Buy-Out:

Although vacation (or paid time off) is meant to entice employees to relax away from work, we recognize employees may not be able to use all their vacation in a year, so we offer a vacation buy-out program.

Years of Service Recognition:

It is important to celebrate the milestones.  Every five years, employees are recognized for their service with cash bonuses awarded upon 30 years of service.

The following represents pay related to seasonal positions:

Discretionary Year-End Incentive:

Effective the first full day of harvest, seasonal employees are eligible for a discretionary incentive based on the employee’s total years of service multiplied by the hours worked during full harvest.  This incentive is only paid out for employees who complete harvest.

Stay Put Pay:

Effective the first full day of harvest, our stay put pay program offers seasonal employees four hours of guaranteed pay if receiving stations and/or the tare lab are not operating due to weather or mechanical issues.

We offer a variety of positions in factory operations and maintenance as well as administrative and agricultural fields.


True health and well-being does not end with compensation.  Our total rewards package for full-time employees emphasizes physical, mental, and social well-being.  Click the benefit category to learn more about our full-time benefits.

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