Come for the job. Stay for the Career

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative is comprised of many hard-working employees dedicated to making a positive impact and contributing to the success of the Cooperative.  We are always seeking team players who want to put their skills and talent to excellent use and contribute to a safe, positive workplace.  We provide training, professional development and support to help our employees grow and become the best they can be.  If you take satisfaction in working hard, learning new skills and being challenged with new opportunities, SMBSC is your Employer of Choice.

Explore a Job

We offer a variety of positions in factory operations and maintenance as well as administrative and agricultural fields.

Establish a Path

Don’t settle on a dead-end job!

In most companies, employees feel the need to leave employment for new opportunities. This is not the case at Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, and here is why:

  • The factory offers a wealth of positions, which can be learned in as little as five days. This gives employees to exposure to areas including but not limited to process/operations, laboratory, heavy equipment/operation, shipping and logistics, and so much more!
  • If your current position no longer interests you, then you have the opportunity to bid to a new position and new area!
  • If you are specialized in an area such as welding, you are not limited to one type such as MIG and/or TIG.  Our employees’ work load and type of work vary daily.
  • If you are specialized in electrical, you are not limited to small-scale projects– you have exposure to residential and commercial.  You also gain exposure to programming!
  • More than 60% of our management team has received promotions in the past five years.  This demonstrates the flexibility our Company offers its employees.

Enjoy your career

Choose a Career Centered on Teamwork and Personal Growth!

Our employees may come for the job; however, they stay for the team!  

Employee Testimonials

Brad Erickson

Assistant Maintenance Manager

I’m like a lot of other people who work at SMBSC: I applied because I needed a job. I started out doing manual labor. Then I moved to the sugar warehouse, where I helped page and move sugar. From there, my career really started to move! I was an Oiler and then moved to the maintenance side of SMBSC’s operations as Mechanical and Electrical Helper before becoming a House Mechanic.

Thanks to the on-the-job training I received from SMBSC, which included learning how to weld, build gear boxes and pumps, as well as leadership skills, I progressed to a Preventative Maintenance Supervisor role and was recently promoted to Assistant Maintenance Manager.

My job has become a career and I encourage others to apply because it’s a great place to work.

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and applicants.  SMBSC does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, familial status, sexual orientation (perceived or actual), pregnancy, or any other protected status.