SMBSC produces all-natural granulated sugar and liquid sugar from sugarbeets. Customers purchase refined sugar in bulk, as well as in 50-pound bags and super sacks weighing up to 2,000 pounds, and liquid sugar in bulk.

Our Quality

SMBSC strives to maintain a world-class food safety and quality assurance program. We chose to lead the industry in food safety and quality by ensuring that our programs and practices embody industry best-practices, exceed customer expectations, and meet all regulatory requirements.

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For nutritional information on sugar, visit The Sugar Association.

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Beet pulp pellets, molasses, separator molasses solubles (SMS) are manufactured from sugarbeets. Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative produces and markets a variety of these animal feed products through Midwest Agri-Commodities both domestically and internationally.

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Agriculture Liming Material

Agriculture Lime Material (ALM) or Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) is great for agricultural soils.  It neutralizes acidic soils, increasing soil pH.  It increases microbiological activity accelerating decomposition of crop residue. It improves legume growth, as well as improves stand, root growth, and sugar content of sugarbeets.

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