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Who We are

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (SMBSC), located in Renville, Minnesota, is a farmer-owned major beet sugar extraction cooperative. Founded in 1972, the cooperative has over 500 shareholders who annually grow approximately three million tons of sugarbeets, producing up to 1 billion pounds of pure white sugar.

SMBSC was founded on the principle that we are stronger and more efficient when we work together and share resources, and it is this principle that guides our deep commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our farms, our community, and our natural resources.

Sweet Beet 5K Run / Walk

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Our Sugar

From our fields to your table, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative's dedicated family farmers nurture nature's oldest sweetener. SMBSC's hardworking employees are committed to ensuring natural sweetness is processed and refined to bring the quality, classic sweet flavor to the foods on your table.

SMBSC produces sugar for food producers and feed products for the livestock industry.

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  • Liquid Sucrose
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Growing & Production

Farmers are the original environmentalists.  They literally “live off the land,” so it’s in their interest to ensure that it is well cared for and protected.  SMBSC shareholder work to produce sustainable crops – sustainable for the environment, our employees, and our communities.  Explore the process our shareholders execute on yearly basis to produce a quality crop to be processed by our dedicated employees.


Establish a job. Establish a path. Enjoy your career!

We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our company. SMBSC offers competitive pay & benefits.

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